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Welcome to Modern Monday!
Since I was so inspired by working on a group quilt at my guild, I'm creating a similar quilt but done in my own way. Each week, I feature a traditional block made Modern with complete instructions so you can quilt along with me! Then on Tuesdays, I feature the same block done up Traditional. That's two identical quilts, that aren't identical at all!

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Modern Monday

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The blocks finish 6" square. That's a nice size that doesn't require too much fabric per block, making this quilt a perfect scrap-using project. I plan on making

64 blocks which will make a 64" square quilt with the setting I chose (see below).

For my Modern quilt, I'm using a variety of orange solids, orange prints, grays and white. I might throw in some blues occasionally because I like the orange/blue combination. Of course fabric selection is subject to change at my whim, and you are free to do what makes you happy.

The Finished Quilt:
I plan on putting a light gray frame around half the block and a dark gray frame around the other half. When set alternately, it will look something like below. If you want to leave it up to serendipity, you can add the frame as you go. You'll have to make sure you keep the light and dark frames pretty even as you go though so you end up with equal amounts of both. If you're a control freak, you can wait until the end and add the frame when you can place each block in just the right place. I'm going to add the frames as I go. One less decision won't kill me! If you choose this setting option, you will need 1 yard of light gray and 1 yard of dark gray. If you're adding the frames as you go, I'd make sure you label this fabric so you don't cut into it for something else! (4/19/12 update: 1 yard of each is very skimpy - to save yourself a headache, get 1 1/3 yard each!)

About the Instructions:
Since this Modern quilt is largely improv, writing directions (and following them!) is a bit tricky. I show you photos of how I make my blocks and use words, not necessarily measurements to tell you how I did it. You'll have to "wing it" a lot of the time. This means your blocks will never look exactly like mine - and that's okay. If at any time, you want to deviate from my path, do it! That's the basic nature of improv - don't think too hard about it, do what works for you and enjoy the results! (And as always, you can make this quilt with me, give away or sell the quilt if you like when you're done, and share the link to this Quilt Along with  your friends, but please don't profit monetarily from these patterns in any way.)

  • Keep all your scraps as you go. Sometimes the scraps might make a cool improv block all in themselves!
  • If you want a larger quilt, consider making each block twice in different colorways. For example, you could make one block in the orange and the second block in it's complement - blue! I think that would make a very interesting quilt!
  • And as always, if you don't like one of the blocks, punt and do something else! You don't have to follow my directions exactly!
Okay, here we go...
Click on the caption below each block to be taken to the instructions.

Block 1 - Crossroads
Block 2 - Log Cabin
Block 3 - Rail Fence

Block 4 - Churn Dash
Block 5 - Sawtooth Star
Block 6 - Mosaic
Block 7 - Skull
Block 8 - Pinwheel
Block 9 - String Block
Block 10 - Snowball Variation

Block 11 - Bow Tie

Block 12 - Winged Square
Block 13 - 9-Patch
Block 14 - Santa's Belly
Block 15 - Double 4-Patch
Block 16 - Square Within A Square
Block 17 - Hour Glass Variation

Block 18 - Flying Geese

Block 19 - Star

Block 20 - Shoo Fly

Block 21 - Heart

Block 22 - Jewel Box

Block 23 - Chinese Coins

Block 24 - Spool

Block 25 - Pendants

Block 26 Cross
Block 27 - Basket Weave

Block 28 - Modernistic Pansy

Block 29a - City Streets

Block 29b - Crossed Square
Block 30 - Square

Block 31 - No Name Quilt

Block 32 - Double Pinwheel

Block 33 -Illinois Road

Block 34 - Checkerboard Askew

Block 35 - Kansas Dugout

Block 36 - 4-H
Block 37 - Birds in the Air
Block 38 - Contrary Wife
Block 39 - The Dragon Fly

Block 40 - Bricks
Block 41 - Patience Corners
Block 42 - Greek Cross

Block 43 - Chevron

Block 44 - Apron

Block 45 - Monument

Block 46 - Ships
Block 47 - Lantern

Block 48 - Chevron Zigzag
Block 49 - Card Trick

Block 50 - Orange Peel
Block 51 - Posy

Block 52 - Hash Tag

Block 53 - Butterfly

Block 54 - Tumbler

Block 55 - Hearts
Block 56 - Crossed 9-Patch

Block 57 - Piano Keys
Block 58 - 4-Patch Snowball

Block 59 - Sunshine Star
Block 60 - No Name Block 2

Block 61 - Improv

Block 62 - Mod Shape

Block 63 - Modern Monday Block

Block 64 - Signature Block

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