Traditional Tuesday

Welcome to Traditional Tuesday!
Each week on Tuesday, I feature a Traditional block with complete instructions so you can quilt along with me! On Mondays, I feature the same block done up Modern. That's two identical quilts, that aren't identical at all!

The blocks will finish 6" square. That's a nice size that doesn't require too much fabric per block, making this quilt a perfect scrap-using project. I plan on making 64 blocks which will make a 69" square quilt with the setting I chose (see below).

I'm use a variety of scraps, mostly blues for my quilt. My goal is to not buy any new fabric, except maybe the sashing and border fabric. I want to highlight my retro collection (60s, 70s and 80s fabrics), so a lot of those will be used, too. Basically I'll use what ever strikes my fancy that day! It looks like a mess now, but it will all come together in the end!

The Finished Quilt:
This quilt will be set in a straight set with 1" sashing and two borders - the inner one 1" (same as sashing) and the outer one 5". I plan on waiting until the blocks are done to decide on the sashing/border fabrics.

You will need:

1 1/4 yards for the outer border
2/3 yards for inner border
1 yard for the sashing

About the Instructions:
Each Tuesday, I give you the cutting instructions and show you how I pieced each block. You may feel free to modify the block, swap out with another block if you don't like this one or just leave it out all together! (And as always, you can make this quilt with me, give away or sell the quilt if you like when you're done, and share the link to this Quilt Along with  your friends, but please don't profit monetarily from these patterns in any way.)

If you find errors, please let me know asap so I can pass along the information! Okay, here we go...

Block 1 - Crossroads
Block 2 - Log Cabin
Block 3 - Rail Fence
Block 4 - Churn Dash
Block 5 - Sawtooth Star
Block 6 - Mosaic
Block 7 - Skull
Block 8 - Pinwheel
Block 9 - Stripe Block
Block 10 - Snowball Variation
Block 11 - Bow Tie
Block 12 - Winged Square

Block 13 - 9-Patch

Block 14 - Santa's Belly

Block 15 - Double 4-Patch

Block 16 - Square in a Square

Block 17 - Hourglass
Block 18 - Flying Geese

Block 19 - Star

Block 20 - Shoo Fly

Block 21 - Heart

Block 22 - Jewel Box

Block 23 - Chinese Coins

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